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“Is there a solution to this? Yes, there is, at least, a solution for every single issue. It may require some effort but there is a solution.”

Elisa Turullols

February 2020
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Insolvency threat

In less than a month in the role I found out that the company was about to stop payments…..

And there I was staring through the window, wondering whether I should quit or not. The task ahead was daunting.

Liable or not?

That was clearly the thought of the Regional Finance Director when he sent me an email stating that the Commercial policy did not say anything in relation to the level of approval required for discounts higher than 30%. As proof of his statement he attached the policy.

What could have been perceived as a proof of the sincerity of his statement was his perdition. I read the policy, and it clearly stated that discounts higher than 30% had to be approved by the SVP of Sales for Europe and the President Europe. I had a few examples where this requirement had not been met.

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