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Is bad news good news?

Is it really so difficult for senior executives to know what is going on? What is the escalation process? Is there any? If so, how does it work?
There are many cases of wrongdoings in the business and the corporate world.
Internal Audit and Compliance departments are at the forefront of the speak-up and escalation lines and yet, when looking at the scandals, it seems these lines are not very busy.

Corporate world ignorance

The Economist 5 March, VW former boss had been handed a memo informing about “inconsistencies in emissions from its diesel cars.” “..it is not known whether he read it as it was included in a batch of extensive weekend mail”

Does anybody know how many people were involved in writing that memo? Does anybody know how many phone calls and meetings there were where the memo was discussed?

…these executives were still paid their high salaries and bonuses,…because they did not know!

Financial trouble

It was a simple transition from a small finance department into a more professional and experienced one. Or so I was told. The reality was quite different. There was not enough money to pay employees, national insurance, VAT and taxes the following month. The...

Growth at all costs?

The company was at risk of heavy losses in contract liabilities, thousands of contracts had to be reviewed, there was only two or three months time to do it and it was just me…..

The root cause of these contract liabilities? an aggressive growth strategy with no monitoring on the terms agreed with clients. Growth at all costs?

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